This Lemmy Tribute belt buckle marks a very important milestone for me, it is my 99th belt buckle!

So when I was commissioned to design and make this buckle by a good mate of mine Link Bossman, I was very inspired and excited.
Not only is Link one of Australia's highest regarded tattoo artists, but he is also my longest client and a big supporter of my work!
In fact, it was Link who commissioned one of my first major pieces just after I had graduated University back in 1997/98 (A Mokume Gane Neckpiece)!

Link is also a massive Motorhead fan and saw it fitting that a buckle be commissioned to remember and pay tribute to the legendary Lemmy (R.I.P).

His design brief was ''it's all in your hands my friend''! So for this buckle I (bravely) decided to take inspiration from some of the most recognisable Lemmy and Motorhead iconography - Lemmy's famous WWII Iron Cross, an Ace of Spades and other album cover motifs.

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Item Details

Item ID: BBLEMMY2016
Dimensions: L: 72mms W: 72mms H: 6mms
In-Stock: In-stock
Designed: 2016


Lemmy tribue buckle

Lemmy tribue buckle

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