I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to design and make a ring for this very rare green 3.7ct 6 ray Queensland star sapphire.
Green Star sapphires of this quality are extremely hard to come by, especially as this stone had an almost flawless star showing.
The sapphire is set in a fine silver polished bezel and the shank is made from hand shaped satin finished titanium.

This ring was produced for a private commission. However. other versions and stones for this ring are available. Enquire for more information.

If you come across another green star sapphire, be sure to let me know!

Item Details

Item ID: R33A08
Dimensions: L: 0mms W: 8mms H: 0mms
Materials: Titanium, Silver, Green Star Sapphire
Designed: 2008


Green Star

Green Star

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