The ConstellaTion ring was a natural evolution of the plain band titanium rings I had been making in the late 1990's.
Around 2000 I started experimenting with inlaying silver into titanium rings. The result was this ring and the beginning of my love for the contrast between the gunmetal grey of the titanium and the white of silver.
This combination of metals appears often in my designs, even to this day!

This ring is a popular wedding ring style for both men and women.
It can be custom made to size etc.. A flat profile version is also available.

Please enquire for more information or to order/commission a piece.

Item Details

Item ID: R06A00
Dimensions: L: 0mms W: 12mms H: 2mms
Materials: Titanium, Silver
In-Stock: In-stock
Designed: 2000

Price: $550




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