The Blade ring is a relatively new addition to my catalogue, yet it is one of my first ever ring designs. It evolved from a design project I was working on at university around 1993-94.
I have always been fascinated by Gothic church flying buttresses, industrial themes, medieval motifs and vintage car coachwork. Here I feel I managed to combine them all, in some way, to create an organically industrial ring! Or perhaps it's just a childish Freddy Krueger nightmare subliminally resurfacing!

This example is made from stainless steel and silver, I also have a titanium and silver version available. Enquire for more info., price on application.

Item Details

Item ID: R03A97
Dimensions: L: 0mms W: 10mms H: 0mms
Materials: Stainless Steel, Silver
In-Stock: In-stock
Designed: 1997

Price: $500




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