The river oak pendant features a hand cut stainless steel Queensland river oak tree motif overlaid onto a hand turned river oak polished dome.

Wood and metal combinations have featured in my pieces since my high school days, whereby I successfully petitioned to combine my art class projects with my metal working projects!

I have always been fascinated by the industrial feel of metal and the organic nature of wood.

In this series of pendants I have sort to capture the organic essence of a particular species of tree in metal as opposed to wood, I then present it on a perfectly round almost non organic feeling domed piece of timber. Where possible, I try to match the species of tree to the actual timber of that tree (in this case Queensland river oak)!

Please enquire for more information or to purchase/commission a piece.

Item Details

Dimensions: L: 0mms W: 50mms H: 4mms
Materials: Silver, Stainless Steel, Queensland River Oak
In-Stock: In-stock
Designed: 2015

Price: $400


River Oak

River Oak

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