The Onyx Donuts ear plugs are a new addition to my Teflon body jewellery range.

Size: Saddled wearable diameter 34mm, width 13mm, flare diameters 35.5mm

I have had these very cool Onyx donuts lying around for ages and I thought it was about time I did something with them! I successfully inlaid the onyx into a pair of Teflon plugs and this is the result!

Only one pair available at this stage.

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Custom orders most welcome. Please enquire for more information.

Item Details

Dimensions: L: 0mms W: 13mms H: 34mms
Materials: Teflon, Onyx
In-Stock: In-stock
Designed: 2015

Price: $95.00


Onyx Donuts

Onyx Donuts

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