This commissioned contoured T-Back flared PTFE (Teflon) labret plug featuring an inlaid piece of rare Kingwood.

The labret was part of a matching set, which included a pair of 25mm single flared plugs

My client wanted a dark rare wood that would contrast nicely with the white PTFE.

Having only used (to date) Kingwood for carved knife handles, it was a great chance to inlay a piece into this plug.

Kingwood is one of the hardest woods to work with, but the wood can be brought to an amazing finish.

Size: 15mm wearable diameter, 11mm wearable length, 5mm wings, contoured T-Back

Custom orders welcomed.

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Item Details

Dimensions: L: 11mms W: 15mms H: 0mms
Materials: Tfelon (ptfe), Kingwood
In-Stock: In-stock
Designed: 2015

Price: $90


Kingwood Labret

Kingwood Labret

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